Changing Region – StarCraft II

A lot of people have complained about not being able to change region in StarCraft II. Sending Blizzard a ticket and asking them to change your account’s region used to be the only way to play on another server. Now there are a few easier ways to do it. I’ll just mention the easiest one, since it’s very simple and reliable.

Open notepad and paste the following code:

<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_SG_REGION" hostname="sg"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enSG"/>
<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_US_REGION" hostname="us"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enUS"/>
<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_EU_REGION" hostname="eu"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enGB"/>
<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_KR_REGION" hostname="kr"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="koKR"/>

Name the file: “regions.xml” (Not “regions.xml.txt”) and save it in your StarCraft II folder (the folder that contains your StarCraftII.exe – Usually Program Files/…)

IMPORTANT: A “Region” button will appear on the StarCraftII log in screen. However, it only appears on the first screen – the one where you’re asked to type in your email address. If your SCII is set to remember the account, and only ask you to type in your password, you have to click the arrow on the right side of the log in box to go back to the first screen. Wait a little bit and the button will pop up. Also, you might have to restart the game.

Font: TeamLiquid Post (here you can also learn about the other ways to change region)

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