Doom II Cheat Codes

These are the original cheat codes for Doom II – Hell on Earth that will work in any engine, from the old MS-DOS executable to the most advanced Doom ports.

To make these work, just type the desired codes while in-game, during the levels. Don’t need to press ENTER after typing.

These should also work with Final Doom and Freedoom‘s phase 2, but, in the other hand, they won’t have any effect if you are playing on the Nightmare difficulty level…

Code – Effect:

  • iddqd – God Mode.
  • idkfa – All weapons and ammo plus keys.
  • idfa – All weapons and ammo.
  • idclip – Can walk through stuff.
  • idclev[Number] – Moves to level [Number]. [Number] goes from 1-32. Maps 31 and 32 are secret maps, based on Wolfenstein 3D, and you CAN get to them from other levels, without cheating.
  • idbeholdi – Invisibility.
  • fhshh – Invisible until you attack the enemies.
  • idbeholdl – Light Amp Goggles.
  • idchoppers – Chainsaw.
  • idmypos – Shows position in code.
  • iddt – Entire map.
  • idbeholds – Berzerk.
  • idbeholda – Computer area map.
  • idmus[Number] – Choose BGM. [Number] is in XX format.
  • idbeholdr – Radiation Suit.
  • idbeholdv – Invulnerability.


The video down below also has the cheat codes, and they are being demonstrated and stuff:

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