Swiss Booster Draft Champion!

Hello ladies,

So, I’ve just started playing Magic: The Gathering Online again, and this time I decided to go for some Booster Drafts. In case you don’t know what these are, just go away =P. In the future, I’ll post something explaining the game and the formats. But today I just wanted to annouce my victory in the third Booster Draft I participated in.

OK. Winning 1st place in a Swiss Booster Draft is not a big deal. I know it, you know it. But still, I started playing them yesterday, and got my first win. To be honest, it was pretty exciting. After that, I played an 8-4 and wasted all my profits. It was close, though hahahaha. From now on, I’ll be playing only 4-3-2-2 and 8-4. Not only because the prize is bigger, but also because they’re faster.

So, here’s the print of the win anyways XD:



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